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Advocating On Behalf Of Millions Of Canadians Creating Content To Be Discovered Online

Statement Of Principles

  1. Digital First Creators do not require government intervention to succeed. They have thrived and led a digital content renaissance without government intervention.
  2. Digital First Creators aspire for their content to be discovered by a global audience, and do not measure success within Canada’s borders.
  3. Freedom of expression is a fundamental freedom. Government should not interfere with or limit the ability for lawful content to be freely discovered by users.
  4. Canadian Content designations are incompatible with user generated content, and do not benefit the interests of Digital First Creators.
  5. Any mandatory contributions derived from user-generated content platforms must be for the benefit of Digital First Creators who make content for those platforms.

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Scott Benzie

Executive Director

Over 20 years working in Canadian Media including BANFF World Media Festival, NEXT MEDIA and others. As the CEO of Buffer Festival and Executive Director of Digital First Canada for 7 years Scott works with Creators, Brands and Governments around the world to Celebrate, Educate and Innovate on digital platforms.

In 2021 Scott formed Digital First Canada with the team from Buffer Festival as an Not For Profit to advocate on behalf of the Digital Entrepreneurs in Canada.

Scott has served as a mentor at the Canadian Film Centre’s Ideaboost program, sits on several Advisory Boards but finds most joy in being a little league Baseball coach.


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