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TL:DR DFC regularly engages and advocates for Digital Creators with Government Bodies, Platforms and other organizations.

Government Relations

  • Bill C-11 Update: DFC is currently engaging with the CRTC on the implementation of Bill-C-11. The CRTC has issued it’s first decision and while DFC’s are not directly impacted they remain not included in the system you can find the decision here
  • What now: The CRTC will undergo a few additional important consultations. One is the definition of “Canadian Content”. We will be looking to ensure that whatever that definition is DFC’s are not negatively impacted. The CRTC will also define what obligations the platforms have to “display” or “make discoverable” Canadian Content. This could have a serious impact DFC’s and we are following these consultations with urgency
  • What’s Next: We are keeping our eye on a few other pieces of legislation including Bill-C63 “The Online Harms Bill” and the TikTok legislation in the US, both which could impact Creators. If you want to be involved you can reach out to us at [email protected]

What Can You Do?

We are extremely grateful for all the support, emails and phone calls made by Digital Creators and their fans, and we will not stop fighting.

What Else Is Happening?

  • DFC continues to work with Platforms and provide feedback from Canadian Creators.
  • DFC has consulted with many funding bodies in Canada as they look to include Digital Creators in their plans. This includes CMF, IPF, and Telus Funds.
  • DFC is hard at work securing discounts and preferred rates for Creators with vendors including Henry’s Camera Store, and Fasken Law firm. If you would like more information on discounts send us an email [email protected]