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Buffer Festival, Digital First Canada and Henry's Canada's Greatest Camera Store is happy to provide free studio space to Toronto's established and emerging Creators. You can book an hour block at the new studio at 185 Church Street inside the Henry's flagship store.
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Road to Freedom

Proudly worked with over 200 Indigenous students and counting. Road to Freedom is partnered with Digital First Canada and Buffer Festival to bring Creators and experienced education to Indigenous communities across Canada.
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Do you want the government to control your content and profit from the success you’ve worked so hard to achieve? Our guess is no. If Bill C-11 passes, that is exactly what can happen. Here is what you need to know, and how to make your voice heard.
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  • The easiest fill-in-the-blank content formula anyone can do

    Instead of thinking, "Let's make a video about _____," fill in the blanks on the following. Be as detailed as possible. Every creator in the room was stunned. The only answer ten creators could give after exchanging glances across the boardroom table was: "Uh..." It was a deep dive into…
  • Bill C-11 Becomes Law

    On Thursday April 27th, Bill C-11 passed through the Senate and received Royal Assent. This means the bill will become law. A Senate amendment to protect user generated content was rejected by the House Of Commons and ultimately passed by the Senate without it. We are disappointed that the Government…
  • Government Rejects Clause To Protect Digital Creators

    March 8, 2023 - After the Senate adopted a helpful amendment in Bill C-11 to protect digital creators and user-generated content, the government has decided to once again disregard the concerns of thousands of digital creators across the country. Now, Canadian creators are taking a stand to urge MP’s to…
  • YouTube Shorts monetization is today! Here’s what you need to know 👇

    It’s an exciting time for creators, with vertical video to see a big jump in revenue opportunities on YouTube starting today. Shorts getting monetized is the current big thing, but how exactly do creators make money from Shorts? And is your channel ready and enabled? Here’s a video on what…
  • Our Initial Response to Bill C-11

    While we appreciate the Minister’s assurances that Bill C-11 is not meant to regulate user generated content, unfortunately the text of the Bill does not achieve that intent. The inclusion of “professional” content on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram will only disincentivize creators and emerging artists from being able…
  • How Changes to Canada’s Broadcasting Act Would Affect Digital First Creators

    Last year, the House of Commons passed legislation known as Bill C-10, which would have regulated content on user-generated platforms, like YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, using outdated broadcasting rules developed decades ago for radio and TV. While C-10 was not signed into law prior to the election, the Government has…