Fix Bill C-11


After a comprehensive study, the Senate adopted an amendment to section 4.2 (2) of Bill C-11 to more clearly exclude User Generated Content and content from Digital Creators from regulation.

The amendment reflected what the Minister of Heritage has always said – that the government does not seek to regulate user-generated content. This amendment reflects what the Minister of Heritage has always said – that they do not seek to regulate digital creators and their “cat videos”.

The House of Commons must now decide if they will accept or reject that amendment. And that decision could happen very soon.

What Can We Do Now?

The House must stand their ground and insist that the amendment to 4.2 stays in the bill. Email your Member Of Parliament below and insist that they continue the job and stand up for Canada’s Digital Creators.


In its current form, Bill C-11 gives the CRTC authority to:

Dictate how and where your content appears on digital platforms.

Affect your discoverability by artificially promoting some creators over others. Viewers may be pushed to watch content they aren’t interested in, resulting in more skips and thumbs down, which would impact how your content is exported to global audiences, lowering viewership and revenue.

Apply complex “CanCon” rules that require you to prove your content is “Canadian” enough. This is easy for large Canadian media companies with teams who have been following these rules for decades, and makes it harder for smaller creators to benefit from any financial or promotional gain.

Push your content down in feeds if it doesn’t meet CanCon requirements.

Regulate the length and type of advertising on your channel, which could mean less money in your pocket.

Send a letter below to urge your MP, Minister and Shadow Minister of Heritage and the NDP to #standupforcreators and make sure that they accept the Senate amendment to #BillC11


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Myth: Bill C-11 does not regulate user-generated content

Myth: Bill C-11 makes content by talented artists/creators more accessible to Canadians

Myth: Bill C-11 does not apply to individual Canadians

Myth: Bill C-11 supports Canadian digital-first creators

Myth: Bill C-11 is flexible, fair and modern


Fact: Bill C-11 regulates user-generated content

Fact: Bill C-11 lets the CRTC decide what content is recommended to viewers

Fact: Bill C-11 applies antiquated broadcasting regulation to digital creators

Fact: Applying discoverability rules to creator’s content puts their livelihood and global audience at risk

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